Saturday, December 29, 2012

A year in the life of a non-Blogger.

I started 2012 by riding my bicycle. I got first tracks to the Heli-Pad. 

Later, I experimented with my facial hair. Thoughts?

Kalea returned from Alaska and she said I wasn't allowed to dress like a pedophile anymore, so I shaved my mustache and went climbing in a magical, secret, hidden climbing spot with my friend Jonathan Scrock. We were using ice tools.

When I got done getting scared with Jonathan, I drove to Echo Echo Echo, Oregon with Kalea, Matt, Amy and I raced my Mountain Bicycle for the first time. 

After a recovery drink we spent some time with Seth and Michelle Finley from the Blue Ribbon land of Corvallis. We did some Catan playing and camping, among other things with these folks.

 In fulfillment of a prophetic word given to me many years ago, I did some modeling for REI. I was a natural...well, of course I was a natural!

Mr. Clean is also a model. Here we are playing paper football. Usually, we rode bikes and enjoyed local breweries together. Unfortunately, he and I are now nursing a long-distance relationship.

 Fortunately, we got a house out of the deal in Medford, Oregon. I got a new job at REI, too. Now I get to work on bikes and skis for a living...

Kalea became with-child at some point during 2012. Dane called the baby, "cookie" which disturbed me to no end because "cookie" is also Dane's term for anything that is eaten trailside. Oh well. Kalea is gracing me with her presence in Lithia Park in the uber-hip town of Ash Land. 

At this point Kalea and my identity shifted from ourselves to our relationship to a little girl. Kalea is no longer Kalea...her name is mom. This is Ira May. She is happy that she is no longer in her mother's belly. Her mother may be celebrating most, though.

Her father is also celebrating. He is practicing work/life balance. He's at work in this picture...

That was the Stumbo family's year in pictures. It goes by quick, doesn't it? Ira May's father aspires to keep family and friends posted more frequently. Please stay tuned for many inspiring 2013 posts.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Cold Then Warm Then Cold

It would seem that cold weather is the catalyst for good blogging or for blogging in general since I haven't been motivated to post a cycling blog since April. Folks, it's been too long. Since we last spoke (or since I last wrote) I have purchased three bikes and sold two. The original motivators for starting a blog have been laid in someone else's hands to rest. Rest in peace Capo and Sojourn...I never intended for it to be this way.

Oh well, I'm over it! And I say welcome to the family XXIX+G, CX Team and CR1 Team. Pictures of these bikes to come.

I have joined the Cascade Couriers/Bend Velo Cycling team and I'm getting excited about a year of bike racing (or something like that). This blog is being thusly transformed into a training journal of sorts where you can keep track of Samuel Stumbo and his racing adventures and misadventures.

Cold weather or not I commit to keep you updated on what happens this year. Enjoy.