Monday, January 31, 2011

If Only Cars Were Fixies...

We took our Mitsubishi Montero into Cascade Truck and Auto to have a rock removed from between our brake pads. Our mechanic, Mitch, said he would love to remove a rock from between our brake pads, except we didn't have any brake pads. "That's too bad," I thought. If cars were fixies, we wouldn't have to worry about the brakes going out. Of course, if cars were fixies, we WOULD have to worry about our tires going out.
This is Tom-foolery. Do not try this at home.

The weekend was long and short all at the same time. I had an article that I had to have into Central Oregon Magazine by today, so I spent the weekend getting it all wrapped up. The above video is of my wife and I heading to Backporch Coffee for a writing/knitting session (I was writing, Kalea was knitting). It was a nice day for a bike ride. My wife thought the camera man was taking too many risks. The camera man could not be reached for comment. Ironically, my wife was riding her bike using only one hand to steer only two days later, when she met face to face with a bush. The bush disrespectfully threw her on the asphalt. The other ironic part is that we were headed to buy her new jeans and she just happened to rip a hole in the knee of the ones that she was wearing during the fall. Fortunately she made it out with only a scraped knee and bruised shin. We decided to not get jeans and just stay home and sit in the sun. It was another nice day.  
My weekend inspiration was meeting a Redmond High teacher named Mark. He and his wife live in Bend and Mark commutes the 20+ miles to work by bicycle everyday. Even in the winter. My three miles cannot compare. I'll just have to take the long way to work, now.
This is my Cannondale Capo. Today was not a nice day. 

I have plans to find some more inspirational commuters bring you, the people, some interviews with them. Any ideas? Anyone you know that fits the bill for a fixie riding or bicycle commuting inspiration? Email me with your thoughts.

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  1. Hey Guys!

    The videos are really cool! you should do them more often... Miss you guys... when you coming to visit is AK people?!

    Love ya!