Friday, April 15, 2011

Whiskey For My Men and Beer For My Bikes

Remember those whiskey barrels that I carried home with my bicycle? Well, I cut 'em in half and I filled 'em with dirt...arrrgh. (For some reason I was thinking this is something a pirate might say, but then it occurred to me that maybe an Irish accent would be more appropriate.) Oh, I also put them on caster wheels so that I can roll them around real easy-like. There are some radishes growing in one of them already. Monday I was pulling my Burley down ninth and I saw a shop that was called Green Leaf. I thought it might be some sort of indoor-gardening store and I thought they might have the potting soil that I was interested in. Sure enough, those folks had exactly what I was looking for and more. They had all sorts of fancy equipment that I could use to grow stuff inside. They even had these television systems with video cameras, so I could monitor what kind of folks was showing up on my doorstep. You never know who might be coming to get your vegetables! They didn't actually have the security systems. That was a joke. You maybe get the point, though. This so called "Green Leaf" store is catering to a very particular demographic. The fellow, Hopi was his name, gave me a ten percent discount. I thought that was awful nice of him. If you're a "dude-bro", go support Green Leaf on Ninth and Wilson.

So I got 120 pounds of dirt put in my trailer and I left for Parr Lumber to get some hardware. Fortunately when my rear wheel fell off it was pretty obvious and I was able to stop quickly. Fortunately it's only the second time my rear wheel has chosen to go it's own way...this year. It is really not that bad. The wheel hasn't actually come completely off. It's just popped out of the dropouts and stopped my bike. I just tightened up my quick-release skewers and continued on, but the thought is always in the back of mind, "so what happens when this same problem occurs at 25mph down Reed Market?" No biggie.

I got my casters and went home with no greater event. Now my radishes are happily growing and we have a big tray of various vegetable starts that we started from seed sitting in our windowsill. It's cold enough that I'm shopping around for leg warmers still, though, so it's too cold to plant most of those vegetables in my barrels. When that day comes, I promise to post some pictures.

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