Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Getting High and Robbing Trains

Who needs skiing when you can ride your bike in the snow? This video, though, makes me want to fly.

After watching this today my thought was, "Well, I'd sure like to experience flying like that, but I don't really want the consequence of failing at that height and speed." And then it occurred to me that part of the thrill, part of the excitement with flying is that it is dangerous. There are consequences. I wonder what it is about human nature that makes us want to take risks? Any thoughts? Most people don't take risks because they know they might be able to get hurt. Most people don't like getting hurt. I don't like getting hurt. Lot's of people have dreamed of flying, though. People like wind rushing past their face and being high (you know what I mean!). I put together a little video of myself flying home from work today. The bandanna is to keep my lungs warm. Not for robbing trains. Enjoy.

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