Saturday, February 12, 2011

Two Step Brake Down

I'm learning how to work on bikes. Today I built a bike. It's a cruiser, commuter bike made by Marin called the Stinson. When you work at a bike shop, it's easy to get snobby about bikes. I'm quick to turn my nose up at an "urban" bike. Especially a cheap urban bike. The brakes were hard to adjust. The hubs were rough. It's easy to complain, when you compare this to a bike that's 10 times the price (some people wouldn't blink at a $5000 price tag). Something that I learned today is that if it's the right bike, the rider can have just as much fun on a $500 bike as a $5000 one.

So, my favorite part was the test ride. I took it out across the street and rode it around. I saw some stairs, so I rode down them. The brakes worked fine, the shifting was pretty good and the bike could handle a two stair like it wasn't p**p. Even though the bike isn't spec'd with the latest, greatest components, somebody is going to have fun with it. That's what is important. Ride your bike and enjoy it this weekend.

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