Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Unto Us a Son Is Given

Ezra Reynvaan was born today. This morning at 5:20. What a crazy miracle. Life. I have had the privilege of being close to Ezra's father, Joshua, for over ten years now and it is breathtaking to see a son born to him. Babies are cute and nice and cuddly and stuff, but this is a totally different revelation. This is the revelation of two becoming one. This is the revelation of new life. This is promise. It's the beginning of eternity. And we are so quick to get caught up in our lives devoid of this revelation.

I was at the hospital when Ezra was born this morning. I heard his first cries. The sign of life this side of the womb. The sign of oxygen entering his lungs. I held his 45 minute-old body in my arms. He felt small and in need of support and love, but at the same time there was a strength. Despite all odds, through the joining of two human beings purposed for each other, this being fought his way into existence. He purposed himself to life. Though unbelievably small, he is incredibly brave and strong. You can not convince me that Ezra happened by chance. You cannot convince me that he is a product of evolution.

Usually I ride my bike home as fast as I can. Tonight, I rode slow. I breathed deep of the cool winter air. I rode down empty streets upright in my saddle, hands resting on my knees and thoughts drifting towards the gift that is life. That's why I ride bikes. For me, it's a reminder of who I am. It's a reminder that there is life and hope and purpose. Breathe deep tonight. You're alive.

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