Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Circus Freaks Are Here

Trials riding is hard. Danny MacAskill makes it look easy.
You don't have to like cycling to respect what Danny is doing. It's beautiful and it's genius. It's also kind of weird if you think about it. I mean, who climbs up onto a castle with a bicycle that doesn't even have usable seat and then jumps off again? And what about the riding on one wheel thing? The bike has two perfectly good, usable wheels for a reason, right?  This guy makes it poetry, though. It's for others to enjoy. It's entertainment. That's what makes the circus so enjoyable. People who decided to do what everyone else is doing and get a real job get to sit and watch freaks do things that they, themselves wish they could do. Who doesn't want to ride a unicycle across a tight rope while juggling? I sure do. Seriously.

In fact, today was another pleasant day and I was feeling antsy, so I decided to pump up the tire on one of my unicycles and find my balance again. I felt pretty goofy trying to get going on it. Someday I want to ride it down the street while juggling. I also want to ride it to work. Besides being an incredible work out riding a unicycle is one of those things that's...well...unique. There aren't too many people out there that can say they can ride a unicycle well. I can't ride it well, but I can ride it to the end of the alley and back without stopping. I actually got off once today because an Asian man driving a Japanese car was so confused by the Caucasian riding a one wheeled fixie past his house, that he forgot to stop. I hopped off before I ran into the bank of snow piled up against the fence and allowed the gaping Asian to pass.

The truth of the matter is, I think he has the right to stare. This is part of life. There are people who follow the broad road, forsaking their dreams. And then there are circus freaks. Danny MacAskill probably falls under the circus freak category. I definitely do. 

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