Thursday, March 24, 2011

Don't Argue With Me, I'm Wrong

Kalea and I drove to Roseburg on Sunday. On Monday we road a 15 mile loop, through wine country. On Tuesday we road a 28 mile loop through sheep pasture land. The weather on Tuesday was perfect. So perfect that wearing my bike shorts left me with a bike short tan. Tan lines are sexy. Especially when they are super contrasting-like the one that I get mid-thigh from my bike shorts. There's white and then there's tan. I feel the same about a good farmer's-tan, as well.

On Tuesday when we did the 28 mile ride, it was really only supposed to be a 22 mile ride. I accidentally missed a turn off, though. My faithful wife stayed with me the whole way even though she was pretty sure we had taken a wrong turn somewhere. I told her that even though it was painful, she would be proud of herself when she made it back to the car and relaxed for  a bit. I was right. She cussed me in the car, but once we got home she was gleeful about riding the second-furthest distance that she's ever ridden on a bicycle in one go. For the record, that's the only time I've been right about a disagreement we've had on this trip. She's been right the rest of the time. Like when I couldn't remember the name of the bank that I was supposed to go to. I was certain that she was wrong about the name having the word "Cascade" in it. Well, it did have that word in it. Then there was the time that I thought the route that we took was not as long as it was and she had guessed the distance within a mile and a half. I told her she was wrong, but she was really more right than I.

I learned that being wrong is not such a bad thing. Just like the pain that you feel after sitting on your bike saddle for 30+ miles, making mistakes is good for you. Not only does it build character, it develops strength. The more times I'm wrong, the less it hurts to admit that I'm wrong. I think that's why God let's me be wrong so much and why He gave me such a smart wife.

On Wednesday we let our legs heal up a bit and visited with family and drove to the coast. We'll ride probably go for a ride and find a place to camp for the night. Then we'll drive back to Bend. I'll probably be wrong again before we get home and that's okay.

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